Artist Statement








<When the mind dies before the body> is the deep loneliness that exists really unique to that person?

When one can no longer imagine someone else to be there for him or her, or when one is threatened by a single value system, one may suddenly fall into an abyss.


For example, we need to think that relationships are not defined by others, but are managed by ourselves. To treat all boundaries as renewable. Think about the possibilities that have already been taken away. We have seen time and again the power of change in an unchangeable world.


When there is a body that is trying to find its own voice, even as it shakes its soul, I want to listen to it. I want to light an image that illuminates the unspoken premonition as it removes one by one the weights that hold it captive, and then tries to make its own choice again. I would like to reexamine the contours of our bodies, which are one-sidedly delineated by society, using the boundary between skin and skin as a starting point.


In this way, I am exploring visual expression as a place to store the power of the gaze so that our subjectivity can live again.

​Hirotsugu Horii