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At 31st Higashikawa International Photo Festival, Yuri Mitsuda (art critic, DIC Kawamura Memorial Museum of Art curator chief) interview with me.
















M I would like to ask questions, saying the impression of Mr. Horii's work. Mr. Horii's picture shows the person, but the space between people or the space around the person is transparent like a beautiful water, and if you touch it for a while it ripples There is a tense feeling like it. There, I felt a space and light that was not merely air, tense. On the other hand, I think that this time it is a new work, I felt a little clutter in the room just in. I was wondering what the dullness is, but there is a person with a pose that is praying, for example, is there a connection with it? First I thought that I would like to ask questions about it. And earlier, at the introduction at the beginning I was told that "the body of the people living in the city is the theme of the theme", but can you explain about that as well?

H First of all, please tell me where the theme of "The body of the people living in the city" comes from. Originally I myself lived in Tokyo for a few years in the middle of the 2000s, and in that the body got tired and steadily, I feel like that. In the same way, the same thing happened to our own surrounding friends. Such things are not visible in everyday life, but I feel stagnation of the body of the other person at the moment of moment, such as a glimpse of a side as a reaction that is impossible somewhere, that kind of thing There was often.

This is a personal experience only, but in my case it was a bathroom in my place to quietly unravel that feeling. If you are immersed in a single bathtub, things that are in your mind and body will fall off and flow. It is exaggerated feeling, it is exaggerated, but there is a feeling that it is reset every day in the water, a series of sensations leading to it is the starting point.

- About the difference with new works

And recently it became a story, but after the earthquake, I felt a feeling that the mood that covers society and the like atmosphere are enriched and it is increasingly intensifying in one direction. There is the word "collective unconscious" in Jung's psychology terms, but there are areas of consciousness and consciousness under their own, and it seems that everyone is connected under consciousness. I think it seems like a big ocean extending from the river of everyone's consciousness, and I'm convinced there from this title "All going back to the sea and pouring down again".
Also, in recent years, several events related to life and death occurred, such as losing a friend in their immediate vicinity and on the other hand a new life was born. While sharing that time, it seems that the flow of people who had a feeling like stagnation has changed so far, and recently I keep shooting while paying attention to the change.

Although the talk changes, I felt that moving from Tokyo to Kyoto city, Kyoto has a slightly different face and day and night. "The quiet force of the night" is great. It is a feeling lurking in the darkness of the night, for example, it seems that it is breathtaking by the shiny air of the shrine, it seems to be not only in Kyoto but also in rural areas, and I think that it is a rare feeling On the other hand, in Tokyo, something like the fear of the night is brightly lit and there is the impression that it is bleached somewhere. When I came to Kyoto, I remembered the feeling I felt when I was a child, and as soon as these "quiet powers" disappeared, I felt that my heart would become thinner.
Also, I think that events related to life and death - such things are also quiet force - as they pass through those things, they are reflected in the pictures, for example, feelings of mourning for the dead, other than myself Feeling the seasonal change of life by having a feeling of praying to others and others.

M I accepted Mr. Horii's picture as a picture taking a private scene, but the story I had was very interesting. Although I can only sense from something close to me, I can not accept something, but it seems to be connected to the inside of the ocean from the river which the individual person told me now, and it I was able to hear that I am able to listen to the current story and can feel very convinced that it keeps shooting with a viewpoint that can trace from the expression of each person to the back . I felt sorely the sharp light and the sense of distance from these photographs, but the place where the writer feeling it is able to connect to a place like sociological theory and city theory in some way

- I feel like I have a place, I always talk about that place at that time then - I can feel it again, and I can know that I am deepening in Mr. Horii's own way, very much It was a good time.



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