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In the bathtub, I often find myself gradually melting away.

Losing my own figure, I scoop up my floating-mind in the water.

Floating-mind? It might be called as unconsciousness.


We can operate our own hands, feet, and body. But we can never control over ourselves.

The pulse, breath, and fever are all running beyond our consciousness.

We live with our body, and our body live with those unseen functions.

We seldom aware of this fact though.


In the bathtub, I often find my body gradually losing its shape.

I would become hazy in the mists of steam, with bubbles of soap.

I see my body is strangely warped, in the hot water.


In the bathtub, losing myself, I can realize again the existence of my body.

Listening to the rhythm of heat beats, hearing the voice of body.

I would be floating in the water, becoming a floating-mind itself.


The sound in the water is, for me, like a secret voice of motherly sea.





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