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2023  "   Boundaries of our sex politics  / 皮膚の思考(遅い鏡)  "
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For those of us who have bodies, how can we touch the "other side" of what we see? I am always thinking about this. For example, what if we were blind? If we were blind, or if we had only our souls, what would we look for, and who would we favor?


At some point, I began to share a special intimacy with someone of a different sexuality than my own. We were both oriented toward different sexualities, but I began to think that if we did not assign "sexuality" to them, we might be able to work together. I also learned that skinship, which is simply the touching of skin surfaces, can slowly dissolve the boundaries that have been pre-drawn by gender-based relationship designations, and that there is a sense of skin that is restored through this process. This is something that this era has lost without people knowing it.


The specific process of creating this work is to have each person present in front of the camera during a long exposure time of one minute. The process is to extend the senses to the traces and signs left by the other person. This was an unprecedented way of communicating consciousness, rather than relying solely on the visible physical senses. By doing so, there are things that become visible "after the fact.


In the "body," there is a ripple edge that forms the boundary of the body while constantly being interfered with by other people and society. This series is a practice to think about how to deal with the waves that come from nowhere, starting from the boundary between skin and skin.

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